Ship Model Artisanry


Artist in Residence: Steve Pinney

For Steve Pinney, the “port” in Yarmouth Port has a special significance. A student of original shipbuilding techniques and processes, he creates museum-quality replicas of ships of all ages, from a mid 18th century warship to a modern yacht or sport fisherman. But Steve doesn’t work in the docks or even near the water.  And his customers never sail in the ships they commission. The ships
are detailed, museum-quality miniatures, and  Steve is one
of the most sought-after practitioners of model shipbuilding in America.  

Steve Pinney with his model of
the USS Cumberland

The vast majority of commissions are for ships that actually sailed, so Steve begins by conducting exhaustive research about the vessel’s design, construction and history. 

Generic designs won’t work. Most of Steve’s customers have a special affinity for a certain vessel and it’s that exact vessel that they want reproduced.  He covers his studio walls with pictures and working drawings including copies of the original plans when they’re available.
Steve also uses the finest materials including rare and costly Pear wood.

Deck detail
from JP Morgan’s
commuter yacht Navette
 “The customers I have demand the highest quality. They want a treasure
that they can pass down to their children or leave to a museum. That’s great, because it frees me to do what ever it takes to create the best nautical model available.”
To learn more about Steve Pinney and his models contact Steve at 508-362-4581
or send your request to Steve at 23 Playground Lane, Yarmouth Port, MA 02675.